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The Wired Right Program, powered by Character Quest, is designed to turn you into a consistent peak performer, not only on the field and in the classroom, but in all areas of life. We believe that true success stems from a harmonious balance of character, mindset, and skill.

Did you know?

Today’s college athletes are navigating a challenging landscape, where their packed schedules, academic demands, high athletic expectations, and social hurdles converge to create an overwhelming mix of stress and performance anxiety.

These brave individuals face a myriad of personal challenges, all while striving to excel in both their studies and athletic pursuits.

Student-athletes have increased mental health concerns, anxiety, and depression since the Covid-19 pandemic (NCAA).

30% of female and 25% of male student-athletes report having anxiety (ACSM).

Athletes experience worse physical function, depression, fatigue, sleep disturbances, and pain interference compared to non-athletes (American Journal of Sports Medicine).

Suicide is the second leading cause of death on college campuses.

Suicide hotline calls rose by 38% in the past year (988 hotline).

Student-athletes have a higher risk of substance abuse, social anxiety, and eating disorders compared to other students.

Break through the challenges and hurdles of meeting the high standards set for you as a college athlete.

It’s a challenge to the status quo; a commitment to nurturing consistent peak performers who excel on the field, in the classroom, and in life beyond college. We believe in the power of character, mindset, and skill, and the extraordinary things that can happen when these three elements align.


Our Primary Focus

Self-Awareness: Helping athletes develop a deep understanding of themselves, their strengths, their weaknesses, and their values.

Self-Leadership: Empowering athletes to take ownership of their actions, decisions, and personal growth.

Coachability: Cultivating a receptive and open mindset, allowing athletes to embrace feedback, learn from experiences, and continuously improve.

Self-Coaching: Equipping athletes with the skills to become their own mentors, guiding their development and maintaining peak performance even outside of coaching sessions.


Our Peak Performance
Formula & Process.

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Brady Hill

Colorado Rockies

This coaching on Self-Awareness – Self-Leadership – Coachability – Self-Coaching has definitely helped me get “Wired Right” for peak performance. By applying the skills I have learned to align my character, mindset, and skills, I have been able to overcome challenging situations.

vector of a smiling women

Christine Nelson

Carthage College (All-American)

CQ has been a life compass that has guided my leadership journey through self-awareness and understanding of my innate personality characteristics. Development of emotional intelligence has encouraged self-evaluation of my performance as a leader, resulting in productive and respectful relationships with my team and peers. I use the CQ tools with my team to guide their leadership journey by developing understanding of their purpose and self, through coaching for continuous improvement, accountability, and the ability to receive feedback on performance in healthcare.

image of a man wearing red hat

Matthew Soderlund

Carthage College

The Character Quest coaching program gave me the tools to be a consistent peak performer, not only in college athletics, but also in my career as an aspiring orthopedic surgeon. It gave me identity and purpose to help lead people in exceeding their own expectations and empowering change in my community.

women smiling- vector

Caris Alan

Carthage College

Dean’s coaching helped transform me into the confident leader I was but needed to uncover. Dean helped me see that my greatest strengths can become my weakness if not used wisely. Coaching also opened my eyes to understanding there are different leadership styles and ways to approach situations, teammates, co-workers and even family members. I experienced internal transformation that positively changed my life and aided in me landing a position for what became a decade career.

man smiling

Chase Courtney

Fresno State

The coaching transformed my mindset and aided in my mental perseverance. This course has given me many tools that will continue to benefit me and my lifestyle for years to come. Not a day goes by where I’m not using the lessons and teachings of this course. Speaking from the mindset of an athlete, I feel as though this course would benefit anyone striving towards any profession due to the mental fortitude one would build throughout the course.

vector image of a man

Joey Cammarata

San Jose State

This program has had a huge impact on my life, not just in baseball. The skills I have learned through Wired Right have helped me excel on the field, build stronger relationships, and become the best version of myself.

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