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These 4 Leadership Mistakes Are Costing You More Than a Promotion!


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

I wasn’t getting what I needed from my employer. Lots of talk about development that never came. I needed to figure out how to bring more to the table. Character Quest has been invaluable. I can quickly take what I’ve learned and apply it right back into my leadership role. I’ve been able to influence the culture with my employer. I’ve become a voice to influence the conversation with my peers, who now bring their pain points to me for insight and guidance. I’m more confident. I’m stronger. I’m progressing in my career to get to the place where I really want to be, to shine as an executive leader.

Sean Baker

Director of Distributor Accounts,

Our organization is growing exponentially. We needed the tools to manage our rapid expansion and the skills necessary to maintain a balanced work environment. The content is not only incredibly interesting – it is highly effective. As a young executive, my confidence has gone way up. I now have practical solutions to challenges, skills which I can use to teach and lead my team, as well as knowledge from top experts that can be applied both on a personal and professional level.

Nicole Herrera

Director of Business & Brand Development, BackFit Health

I needed a coach to make sure I wasn’t going off the rails in leadership, and learning to lead myself. Working with Character Quest added a tremendous value to not only my business but also to my personal life. I've seen an increase in discipline and strengthened leadership qualities, optimizing my productivity and, ultimately, better serving our customers.

Evan Kurtz

Banker, JP Morgan

So get moving.

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